Oleg Kapitonov was awarded a Medal of Saint Blessed Prince Daniil Moskovskiy


K&S Capital Management founder and managing director Oleg Kapitonov was honoured with Medal of Saint Blessed Prince Daniil Moskovskiy “For the help in friary of Cheboksary province reconstruction”. Metropolitan Chuvashskiy and Cheboksarskiy Varnava awarded Mr. Kapitonov by the blessing of the Moscow and Russian Saint Patriarch Alexiy II.

Medal of Saint Blessed Prince Daniil Moskovskiy is established by the Saint Patriarch Pimen and the Holy Synod on December 28, 1988. According to the provision on the medals of Russian Orthodox Church this medal can be awarded to clerics or laity who had done much for sentience of Russia. This is one of the most honorable awards of Russian Church which laity can be dignified.

Oleg Kapitonow was rewarded the the Patriarch Diploma “In the bless for the work ad gloriam of Russian Ortodox Church” in 2006.

Saint Blessed Prince Daniil Moskovskiy, great prince of Vladimir Alexander Nevskiy’s younger son is glorified by Russian church as a wise governor, appeaser and a marshaller of Russian land. Daniil has been an ancestor of Russian princes and the founder of the most ancient Moscow friary called in the honor of Saint Daniil.

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